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The Channel CEO

Welcome to the Channelfied podcast & livestream, a show that brings together thought leaders and innovators revolutionizing the IT industry.
Matt Solomon is a product evangelist, social media leader & award-winning speaker. 
Kevin Lancaster is a serial tech entrepreneur, angel investor and strategic advisor to several high-growth tech companies focused on the channel.
Each week, we sit down with “IT superheroes” to cover a wide range of topics. I will cover topics ranging from social selling and marketing to creating influence. And we will dig deep into their journey as entrepreneurs, how they view innovation, M&A and the latest in the world of cybersecurity.

May 1, 2024

In this episode of The Channel CEO, host Kevin Lancaster is joined by Rob Rae, VP of Business Development at Pax8, as they look at the dynamic landscape of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), how Pax8 is blazing a path and bringing sexy back to distribution. Drawing from his extensive experience spanning over two decades in the MSP space, Rob sheds light on Pax8's pivotal role in driving innovation and growth within the industry. From discussing the scalability of MSPs across diverse sizes to unpacking the significance of the upcoming Beyond conference, Pax8's user conference, Rob offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing MSPs today. Throughout the conversation, Rob emphasizes Pax8's commitment to leveraging data and AI to empower MSPs with actionable insights and enhance their service offerings, showcasing the company's dedication to driving positive change in the MSP ecosystem. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the evolving world of MSPs and discover Pax8's visionary approach to shaping the future of managed services. 


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