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The Channel CEO

Welcome to the Channelfied podcast & livestream, a show that brings together thought leaders and innovators revolutionizing the IT industry.
Matt Solomon is a product evangelist, social media leader & award-winning speaker. 
Kevin Lancaster is a serial tech entrepreneur, angel investor and strategic advisor to several high-growth tech companies focused on the channel.
Each week, we sit down with “IT superheroes” to cover a wide range of topics. I will cover topics ranging from social selling and marketing to creating influence. And we will dig deep into their journey as entrepreneurs, how they view innovation, M&A and the latest in the world of cybersecurity.

Nov 15, 2023

In this episode of The Channel CEO podcast, Kevin Lancaster talks with Mike Psenka, the CEO of Moovila, to discuss entrepreneurship, technology, and business growth in Charleston, South Carolina, with Mike sharing his journey founding UDS three decades ago after leaving PwC.

The conversation then turns to the automation of project management with AI, offering a transformative approach to work management. Through Perfect Project, a platform aimed at programming work rather than just managing it, Moovila offers an advanced autonomous project management platform that promises to manage projects efficiently, reduce surprises, and provide accurate delivery dates.

Entrepreneurship, business challenges and opportunities, and lessons learned from Fortune 500 corporations to transform today's new businesses are just some topics covered in this discussion.