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The Channel CEO

Welcome to the Channelfied podcast & livestream, a show that brings together thought leaders and innovators revolutionizing the IT industry.
Matt Solomon is a product evangelist, social media leader & award-winning speaker. 
Kevin Lancaster is a serial tech entrepreneur, angel investor and strategic advisor to several high-growth tech companies focused on the channel.
Each week, we sit down with “IT superheroes” to cover a wide range of topics. I will cover topics ranging from social selling and marketing to creating influence. And we will dig deep into their journey as entrepreneurs, how they view innovation, M&A and the latest in the world of cybersecurity.

Apr 24, 2024

In this episode, CEOs Dragos Stanescu of Syn Cubes and Kevin Lancaster discuss the evolving landscape of offensive security testing and its pivotal role in safeguarding systems against modern cyber threats. From the early days of security testing to its transformation into offensive security testing, Dragos shares insightful anecdotes and pivotal moments that shaped his understanding of cybersecurity. The conversation moves quickly into the profound impact of the pandemic on the adoption of offensive security practices, particularly among enterprises, and the growing importance of Managed Security Providers (MSPs) in this arena. They explore the intricate interplay between AI advancements and cybersecurity, raising critical questions about the future clash between good and fake AI. Amidst these challenges, Dragos emphasizes the imperative of elevating knowledge globally to combat emerging threats effectively. Tune in as they unravel the complexities of cybersecurity in the AI era and unveil strategies for MSPs to navigate and thrive amidst evolving security landscapes.